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The number of marketing professionals world wide now using social media for business purposes has grown in the last 12 months. In a new survey released in August over 86% of marketing professionals from all industries had adopted social media as a marketing and branding tool. Most of the usage of social media is for marketing at 57% with internal communication the next highest at 39%. Using social media as a customer service and support medium has also grown, with 30% of businesses now using it to communicate with their customers.


The other interesting trend that is starting to appear is the placement of staff to handle social media full time within these businesses, with over 57% now committing full time staff to monitor update and service their social media sites.

The top marketing professionals are now either integrating social media within their existing web site or using stand alone sites to maximise the SEO result of a social media strategy. The one area that still lags behind all other forms of advertising is interestingly enough, ROI or return on investment, only 16% of companies had a monitoring and measurement system in place and 4 out of 10 executives did not even know if the tools they were using had an ROI capability.

If your company is looking to integrate a social media strategy into your marketing plans, please let us know, social media is more than a Facebook page and/or a Twitter profile, let us design and manage your social media strategy so that you get the best ROI on your investment.

Mike Andrew is the CEO of Social Media Strategy Company Mike Andrew Consulting.

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